About Us

Our Story

Our journey begins with Maybelline Monge and Jessica Siegrist, two women who were raised in low-income households. Throughout their childhood, they have witnessed the challenges people face when living in unsafe and unhealthy environments, impacted by low income. They have experienced firsthand the negative impact that lack of mentorship, leadership, unity and financial illiteracy have on people’s lives and how they make it difficult to find opportunities in life.

As they grew older they began to understand the demand for free-to-low-cost residential upkeep, preservation of current housing stock, and the need for ensuring the safety and health of the community. They realized that the community is being “destroyed” by ignoring key problems.

The needs of low-to-moderate income households are not being addressed in the capacities necessary to serve them and as contributing members of the society, they decided to take action.

what we want

These three affirmations framed the vision of Maybelline and Jessica, and from them, Synergized Society Inc was born.

Who We Are

Our mission is to achieve social prosperity through hands and hearts and by providing opportunities for stability, security, and growth.”
Synergized Society Inc. is a Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County-based non-profit organization, dedicated to changing our community one individual at a time. We provide home repair and maintenance services to low-to-moderate income families at the cheapest prices in the market so they can live in healthier, safer, and more energy-efficient homes.

Moreover, we support low-to-moderate income households through collaborative partnerships to leverage local municipal funding and offer financing options to those who do not qualify for housing assistance.

All Fees for Service and donated proceeds go towards supporting our cause and keeping the organization running for communities.

Integrity, Ownership, Collaboration, & Volunteerism

Our vision is to power sustainable living while empowering communities. We partner with volunteers, charities, and licensed tradesmen to support our communities, and work for our organization, we aim to inspire and restore togetherness in a global community.

Let Us Make A Positive Difference, Together

Play a part in the betterment of our community. We accept all donations in cash and we consider ourselves incredibly grateful for receiving any kind of help for our cause, giving families a hope for a better future.